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    The wrong side of Sesame Street

    The wrong side of Sesame Street

    by Sandy Gandhi

    Hasn’t Sesame Street come a long way? Talk about moving with the times, I happened to catch an episode on a Monday morning and it was brought to us by the letter ‘E’ and introduced by the Cookie Monster. Suffice to say that the Cookie Monster after holding back for a while couldn’t help himself and gobbled up the ‘E’.

    Rumour has it shortly thereafter he ravaged Kermit much to Miss Piggy’s disdain. The rest of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, were brought to us by the letters ‘M’, ‘D’, ‘M’ and ‘A’ respectively, resulting in the Cookie Monster embarking on a marathon love-in with Big Bird!

    With the Cookie Monster in re-hab for sex addiction, the following week, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were sponsored by the letters ‘L’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ and the rest of the week was left to our imagination – what a trip that was!

    After a week of cookie-interruptus, the Cookie Monster was back bringing us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday courtesy of the letters ‘T’, ‘H’ and ‘C’. Much to his delight, the letter ‘C’ stood for cake, space-cake that is, and cookies of course, very special cookies, causing him to develop a chronic case of the munchies and completely forgetting about Thursday and Friday. He’s back in re-hab!

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