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    Do you cook as good as you look?

    by Sandy Gandhi

    The truth can be hard to swallow but the fact is, we’ve eaten our way to the top as the world’s fattest nation. Perhaps it’s because we’re bombarded with adverts and gimmicks for fast foods, confectionery and alcohol – how can a kid resist an unhealthy meal when it comes with a free toy?

    And if that’s not enough, on any given day, some commercial channels have at least five cooking shows programmed, not forgetting the food that’s rammed down our throats during the ad breaks.

    We’ve got celebrity chefs in the way of the sultry chef, the naked chef, and then there’s the gay chef, the black chef, the straight chef and the white chef. Zer’s ze European chef and the oriental chef, and there’s the cook and the chef. We have, the iron chef, the fat chef and the thin chef, the good chef and the bad chef, even the effen chef.

    And let’s not forget master chef where life’s just one big cook-off and celebrity master chef – who cares a frying duck if celebs can cook?

    It seems wrong to have three podgy chefs judging full-fat cooking. George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston are undoubtedly great cooks, but does wiser have to mean wider?

    Have you noticed how much podgier the three of them have become since the start of the series?  Matt Preston’s appearances on TV to plug his cook book Fatalicious, I mean Cravatalicious, had him sitting side-saddle in his chair so he didn’t burst the seams of his clothing. Luckily for Matt, Jenny Craig offered him a meal, I mean a deal, he couldn’t refuse.

    Rather than looking like they should be on Celebrity Biggest Loser, how about Master Chef Lite with 30% less fat? It could result in all three of them losing weight as their show progresses, inspiring a spin-off series called, Biggest Chef is Master Loser!

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