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    Cameras don’t lie, reporters do!

    For readers who are interested in the story I refer to in my piece F#*K OFF YOU INDIAN MONKEY on 23/01/12 on  (, here it is.- read more stories in my book Enlighten Up – More details in the ‘My Book’ section

    Cameras don’t lie, reporters do!                by Sandy Gandhi

    Enlighten Up No. 96 – 06/03/08

    As the cricketing season continues, so does the soap opera. – it’s like the Bowled and the Beautifool starring, Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh.

    While Symonds does a poor performance of the ‘hard done by’ party in this sordid affair, some media outlets and their reporters, are treating the Indian cricketer like a cheating ex-lover – trying to find some dirt on Singh, intent on discrediting him, branding him a racist. It might just be a case of the pot calling the kettle white!

    In the latest episode, Singh’s accused of making ‘monkey’ signs at the Aussie cricketing fans during a game. The TV footage of this incident is a crock – Alan Border thought so too..

    The last monkey calling episode with audio from a TV camera, that covered visuals and conversations between Singh, Symonds, Ponting and Hayden (who acts like ‘the other guy’), did not have Singh’s words on tape, just everyone else’s!

    As a columnist, I’m media too, hence my motto, ‘if it hasn’t happened, I’ll make it up!’ – I might as well, cause every other bastard does!

    Both guys are good cricketers to have made their national teams, and it’s obvious they like the publicity, many in sport do.

    However, Singh’s more like a playground teaser, rather than an ex-lover. You know the type, once they know they can push your buttons, they press ‘continuous play’! At worst, they’re annoying, and if you totally ignore them for long enough, they might even come around.

    Symonds is like the kid on the playground with the note stuck to his back, saying ‘tease me!’

    I’d like to tell him to ‘lighten up’, but that would be racist of me!

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